The Book Club Game: Ages 12-102


The Book Club Game’s engaging strategies, all in a little canvas bag, bring family, couples, friends, classmates, community, of diverse or same backgrounds, together in fun, lively, respectful, and enlightening story and life talk. The game builds comprehension, focus, memory, retention, critical thinking, and extreme motivation to read without you even knowing!

With inspiration from their shared read, this book club holds a food drive to affect their community in a positive way.


Share a story, follow the directions and you'll be communicating your critically thinking thoughts!
This Book Club Game packed in this small burlap bag with directions, book lists, timer, dice and magnifying glass ready to engage its players in critical thinking and comprehension fun!

The Book Club Game: Comprehension for Ages 12-102

A comprehension game for  Book Clubs, Reading Groups, Family, Couples, Friends, Parents, Teachers, Tutors, Reading Specialists, Psychologists, School, Home-school, and Community Events

  • Played with ANY Book or Short Story
  • Unites Teens and Parents 
  • Engages Talking Fun With Couples  
  • Ignites Book Clubs With Fun, Meaning and Purpose
  • Celebrates family, couples, friends, classmates, community, of diverse or same backgrounds

Comprehension soars playing The Book Club Game. 

Critical thinking skills, retention,  communication and a genuine love for reading emerge from the game.. Its  timer, dice, engaging cards, and reading lists work together to bond motivated, reluctant and in-between readers of all different abilities. Players move around the mini game-board reflecting on unique  questions connecting their lives and other stories to a shared story’s plot, characters, themes and settings. Non-readers as well as struggling readers can listen to the story. Inspiration is turned into positive actions and new reads are collected to take.

The game’s connecting, reflecting and affecting with a story shared brings an honest, enlightening and accepting conversation to life with automatic critical thinking and communication skills naturally blooming into the true joy of reading and solid life-long learning skills.

The Creator: The Book Club Game was created by Reading Specialist, Teri Azar, who has used it to focus, enliven, and deepen thought, talk and purpose of book clubs of all shapes and sizes. She has seen the game dramatically increase genuine reading motivation, comprehension, critical thinking, school performance, and standardized test performance scores throughout her 38-year career in private and public schools, grades 1-college, in CA and abroad. She has found a wonderful byproduct of the game in positive communication and understanding of others through the game’s unique engaging of an all-inclusive and respectful conversation. Teri holds her BA, M.Ed., & Ell Certificate from UCLA. The game reflects her training in using multi-modality learning strategies to reach all students. For more information contact Teri at 949 306-6238.



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