Reading Solutions: Struggling and Strong Readers’ Solutions for Fluency, Comprehension and Motivation

Struggling and strong readers' solutions emerge as kids publish and share their books to read fluently and build phonics skills and sight words.
Struggling and strong readers’ solutions engaging fluency, word building, and motivation using Talk to Write
Struggling and strong readers' solutions emerge as parents and kids play The Book Club Game to build comprehension, communication and genuine love for reading.
Struggling and strong readers’ solutions igniting comprehension, critical thinking, communication, and motivation result in playing The Book Club Game.

 Struggling and Strong Readers’ Solutions Build Fluency, Comprehension & Motivation

Struggling and strong readers’ solutions to poor fluency, word attack skills, lack of retention, low comprehension, and motivation ignite parents, teachers, and students throughout Reading Solutions.

Best-teaching and research-based learning strategies motivate all.   Tweaking learning with fast and fun strategies provide struggling and strong readers’ solutions simultaneously, while working together.

Reading Solutions for All Ability Levels and Cultures

Tools for readers of all ages, cultures, and ability levels to simultaneously engage in fun transferable strategies igniting comprehension, fluency and motivation to read live here. These strategies not only unite, but celebrate diverse cultures. They speed success with maximum motivation.

Reading Solutions’ strategies impact self-understanding and ways to make the world better. Integrating reading, writing, talking, listening, and drawing enable all preferred learning modes to thrive. Reading via audio, visual, or partner allows English learners, struggling, strong and in-between readers to be on the same page. Together learners build skills through transferable strategies, hence enjoying every step of the way. Sharing perspectives, their lives, and connections through shared reading ignite strong critical thinkers, effective communicators, as well as life-long learners.

 Struggling and Strong Readers’ Solutions Build Comprehension, Communication and Motivation 

Both The Book Club Games and The Reading Companion, , engage struggling, strong, and in-between readers.  Unique, fun, efficient and effective strategies build reading and communication skills, always furthering strong relevance, thus motivation.

The six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, , creatively activate players’ minds throughout The Book Club Games.  Players draw the main parts of the story, or generate who, what, where, when and how questions for other players, all the while focused with great anticipation. This replaces the dissecting, and often boring, traditional knowledge level questions.

Transferable higher order thinking skills, HOTS, thinking , let players connect, reflect and affect. Players spot inspiration from a story and transform it into actions to make their lives, others’ lives and the world better. For instance, after reading The Cat in the Hat, one player said he will organize his room like the Cat in the Hat did with his red cleaner-upper.

Players take away from The Book Club Game a set of generic question to activate deep meaning before, during and after reading.

The Reading Companion offers the same skills as the games, only in book format. One can individually journal or visualize with either tool.

Struggling and Strong Readers Build Fluency, Word Attack Skills and Motivation with Talk to Write

struggling and strong readers' solutions include writing their own books to build vocabulary, word attack, motivation and fluency
Writing books to improve reading skills is easy with The World Through Children’s Eyes.

Struggling and strong readers’ solutions evolve through Talk to Write. Here a Language Experience Approach,,  uniquely incorporates phonics and word attack skills.

Talk to Read engages beginning and struggling readers, ESL learners and strong readers. Whole to part learning, that is, starting with a learner’s own story to pulling isolated words, lifts struggling readers to fluency fast. Speedy mastery of skills abound.

Story-lines guide dictating and/or writing. Kids write for kids, while adults use the same story-lines to time-travel back to the kids’ ages to share their childhood lives. Older non and struggling readers talk through the story-lines to quickly become readers. These edited and published stories become motivating reading material, hence establishing a reading habit. The published books, treasured keepsakes, reveal the true meaning of writing and reading.

Isolating words from their own stories gives beginning readers a meaningful context to learn words.  Isolated words are studied in their word families, as sight words, and for their phonic rules and exceptions. They are planted in Go Fish and Memory games for maximum reinforcement and retention.

Reading Solutions Provides a Peace Microcosm
Struggling and strong readers solutions create a peace microcosm through their all-inclusive strategies
Strong, struggling, and in-between readers all-inclusively interact to bring peace to learning and life-long goals

Reading Solutions strategies model and teach peace using Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) through all-inclusive listening and speaking. Questions and strategies guide gleaned inspiration to actions, and also allow peace to arise from these actions and those receiving them. Meaning revealed through the strategies truly illuminate the magic and joy of reading and learning.

Peace within the learning process intrinsically motivates life-long learning. In turn, life-long learning leads to greater understanding, therefore the celebrating of new perspectives, different cultures and diverse communities.

New strategies add HOTS to avoid the traditional use of just factual questions, otherwise known to dissect the magic out of reading and learning.  Computer-based reading programs, unable to provide HOTS in their assessments, unfortunately make reading seem boring and tedious.  Motivated learning, here, engages higher-level connection and refection. These strategies can easily be added to computer-based reading programs.

Guided discussion teaches all-inclusive peaceful communication skills. Reading Solutions provides those of diverse and same ages, ability levels, and cultures a peace microcosm in which to build skills to become motivated life-long learners dedicated to contributing to a peaceful world with the learning and communication skills to do so.