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Find Inspiration and Connect to The Wingdingdilly or to Any Story

The Book Club Game’s questions capture meaning and magic for remembering

When you answer the generic questions in The Book Club Game you will build solid comprehension, retention, and critical thinking because of how they focus on details, connect to your life and draw inspiration.

 These questions guide players to take away “specific-to-them” inspiration actions, magical indeed, on their to-go book lists. Take a look at how Annie, Ben, Ruthie and Al, from the game, answered these fun swirl and inspiration questions.  You can find The Whingdingdilly, a page turner for all ages, online or at your local library. I bet you can come up  with some new answers for this story or try them with any story you’re reading. Have fun and happy reading!

What is one thing a character does in the story that you want to make sure you do not do? Write your inspiration actions on your book list to go so that you can practice them.

Annie: I would not cast a mean spell on someone like the witch did to Scamp. Take-away: Be sure to let any mean thoughts about others go

Al: I would not go after the Wingdingdilly with guns like the crowd did. Take-away: Be kind

Ben: I would not be greedy and mean like Pringle. Take-away: Feel for others, be nice

Ruthie: I would not wish to be something different from myself like Scamp did. Take-away: Like yourself just the way you are; remind myself that I am fine just as I am

What place in the story excited you? 

Annie: The witch’s tree-house

Al: Outside the forest where the people waited for the Wingdingdilly

Ben: Orvie’s house at the end

Ruthie: Pringle’s stage when the spell was broken

What place that you visited this week excited you?

Annie: the beach and building a sand castle

Al: Disneyland and going on Space Mountain

Ben: The baseball park and hitting a home run

Ruthie: My kitchen where I made cookies

You can learn many more questions to think about while you are reading when playing The Book Club Game, which you can buy here: Play at home, in the classroom, or at a community venue. It’s fun for those of all ages, ability levels, languages and interests. Besides building comprehension, critical thinking, retention and genuine love for reading it will engage all players in a most peaceful way as it guides a a respectful and illuminating conversation, eliminating any trace of shyness naturally.

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The Reading Companion

The Reading Companion

Unique Guide Sparks Inspiration & Communication for ESLs, Family, Friends & Couples

The Reading Companion builds comprehension as well as communication, critical thinking, inspiration and genuine love for reading. Its unique generic questions enable all readers to internalize them to use while reading.

Being generic, the questions uniquely allow English language learners to continue building comprehension in their native language, as they are easily translatable. With these questions English learners can keep up with comprehension and critical thinking in their native language while acquiring English and prevent the educational gap so common for this group.

The Reading Companion adds a 3D quality to reading, illuminating images of the story and special messages each story holds for each individual, just as a painting does.  With its unique questions of connection, reflection and guidance to affecting the world with a story’s captured inspiration, this easy-to-use companion deepens the meaning and magic for any story.

Reading Specialist created, time tested with dramatic educational performance results and a family, friends and couple communication flare, The Reading Companion is an invaluable tool to  reading specialists, teachers, students, families and parents wanting to maximize literacy skill building. It is both engaging and stimulating for individual readers, reading partners, groups or book clubs to travel deep into and far beyond any story for self and group enlightenment and guidance.

You can search to find The Reading Companion by Teri Oberstein Azar on Amazon; it promises to make any story come alive in ways that will amaze, true bibliotherapy! Now you can purchase The Reading Companion on sale here: