Struggling and Strong Readers’ Solutions Simultaneously Build Skills Together


Struggling and Strong Readers’ Solutions Build Skills Together

Struggling and strong readers’ solutions simultaneously engage both  with fun and effective strategies.

Struggling and strong readers’ solutions to the problems of poor fluency, language deficits, word attack skills, confidence, and motivation for struggling readers with lack of retention, motivation,  incomplete comprehension and critical thinking for strong readers can be seen in two main programs on this site: The Book Club Games and Talk to Read and Write.

 Struggling and Strong Readers’ Solutions are found in The Book Club Games.

The Book Club Games,  employ fun strategies that build comprehension, critical thinking and genuine love for reading before, during and after sharing a read with 4-8 people of any ability level or age. Motivation heightens from reading the enticing recommended book lists. Fun, meaningful strategies reveal the magic of reading through questions to connect, reflect and affect. Stories’ new vocabulary soars into daily usage making new words fun to learn. Every level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, , is utilized through the questions, players own generation of questions, as well as the drawing of parts of the story. Automatic heightened motivation to read and precision focus precedes any assigned story or information when game and discussion await.

Struggling and Strong Readers’ Solutions are found in Talk to Write and Read.

Students struggling with phonics, word attack, fluency and motivation flourish as they use story-line guides to talk, write and read their own published books. Struggling and strong readers solutions are found when both can  be on the same page communicating about such things as their cultures, thoughts, experiences, families, pets, and favorite foods in the pages of their own books. Fluency and motivation ignite as students built as students read their peers’ books. Easily attained word attack skills emerge through these stories where games are played with the words needed at a perfect teaching moment.