The Story Talk Game


So many amazing things happen when you share a TV Series, book, movie, or play, and then play The Story Talk Game, a game for all ages!

Kids, Teens, Parents Listen to Each Other’s Ideas, Experiences and Perspectives in Awe

Teens & Parents Really Listen & Politely Respond to Eachother

Couples Love the Positive and Revealing Communication 

Groups, of All Shapes and Sizes, Become Purposeful Through a Shared Story’s Inspirations

Family, Couples, Friends, Classmates, and Those of Diverse or the Same Cultures Celebrate Likenesses and Differences

Trust, Self-Confidence, Positive Actions, Empathy, Compassion and Understanding Emerge

The Beauty and Inspiration of Any Well-loved or Not-Well-Loved Story Is Revealed

Players Relax, Smile, and Learn How to Create Peace Through Communication


Critical thinking flourishes playing The Story Talk Game, aka The Happy Game and/or The Peace and Love Game.  Packed in this small burlap bag with directions, book-movie lists, timer, dice, and magnifying glass, all engage its players in critical thinking-based, enlightening talk. Communication with deeper understanding, smiles, and inspiration to make the world better all through a shared story pops right out of this little bag.

 The Story Talk Game: All Ages-Any Story

The Story Talk Game is a communication and critical thinking game for family, couples, friends, parents, teachers, students, tutors, reading specialists, psychologists, schools, home-schools, and community events. Just when teens seem to shut down, couples can’t find what to talk about, family members are all in there own worlds, and students dread reading, this little game can change all that. It brings any story and its players alive with new dimension, guided inspiration and just feel good talk and listen. Highlights include:

  • Played with ANY Book, Short Story, Movie, or TV Series
  • Unites All Ages 
  • Recharges Talking for Couples  
  • Celebrates Family, Couples, Friends, Classmates, Community, of diverse or same backgrounds
  • Builds Trust, Self-Confidence, Positive Actions, Bonding, Empathy, Compassion, and Understanding
  • Engages Critical Thinking, Meta-cognition and Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Reveals the Magic and Inspiration of Any Well-loved or Not-Well-Loved Story

Critical Thinking Soars Playing The Story Talk Game 

Critical thinking skills, retention, communication and a genuine love for a story emerge from The Story Talk Game. Its timer, dice, engaging cards, and story lists work together to bond its players. All grow with self-discovery and others’ perspectives.

The Story Talk Game’s Higher Order Thinking Skills, HOTS, , include application, synthesis, evaluation, and analysis. Sharing a story through this game builds transferable critical thinking skills in a most fun, efficient, and effective way. It engages meta-cognition, ,  in every play, as it empowers players with this ability to think about one’s thinking and focus deeper, more precisely and best, most positively. Through this process, active reading and discussion lead to the most profound understanding and high level thinking and the empowerment to turn it on at any time.

The creator of The Story Talk Game, Reading Specialist, Teri Azar, uses it to focus, enliven, and deepen thought. She engages meta cognition,  talk and purpose of reading/movie groups of all shapes and sizes. Throughout her 39 year career the game dramatically increased genuine reading motivation, comprehension, critical thinking, school performance, and standardized test performance scores. She used the game in private and public schools, grades 1-college. A wonderful byproduct when playing, positive communication and understanding of others, become a consistent intrinsic reward . Strategies engaging  all-inclusive and respectful conversation makes it easy to speak your mind, even for the very shy.

Teri holds her BA, M.Ed., and Ell Certificate from UCLA. The game reflects her training in using multi-modality learning strategies to reach all students and her success in doing so in many educational settings. For more information contact Teri at 949 306-6238 or, or


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