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Friends, classmates and parents read to play The Book Club Game

Play The Book Club Game to build comprehension, critical thinking, communication and genuine love for reading. It engages preschoolers through six graders alone or along with adults in lively discussion about a book or informational read. The game is ideal for home, classroom or community venues such as the library, community center or local book store. It works with any story or informational read shared and magically bonds those of diverse and same ability levels, backgrounds, ages and perspectives. All will enjoy the very peaceful strategies in every part of the game and the meaningful happy take-aways after the game!



Created by a reading specialist of 38, years, The Book Club Game’s fun two-sided (informational reading and story reading) wipe-off game boards, non-toxic pens, cards, and book-lists work together to bond motivated and advanced readers with non-readers and reluctant, struggling readers in building comprehension, communication and genuine love for reading.

The game works with preschool-six grade, with or without adults and older players, using any shared book. Book lists of best loved titles for all ages are provided. The game guides a peaceful discussion with those of diverse or same backgrounds, ages, ability levels and perspectives.

Dice propels players around their illustrations of a shared story as they answer Higher Ordered Thinking Skill (HOTS) questions. Gleaned inspiration actions and new reads are saved to take away on the game’s book lists, a great resource.  All ignite exciting motivation to read.

Being an all-inclusive tool and the game’s multi-modality plays integrating drawing, speaking, listening and critical thinking are all reasons playing the game alone and as a supplement for reading programs yields higher scores on standardized tests and school performance.   The Book Club Game builds fluent, avid, motivated readers and life-long learners as it teaches balanced interactive and responsive discussion and guarantees a stress-free, happy, inspiring and peaceful time playing.


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9 reviews for The Book Club Game: Kids & Adults Edition

  1. I love the Book Club Game! My shy 7 year old grandson could impressively decode words but had a little difficulty comprehending the books he was reading. As a result he was apprehensive about sharing what he had read. Since playing the Book Club Game I have noticed a big change, it’s obvious his comprehension has improved because he’s more engaged in the books he’s reading. His confidence shines through when HE prompts the discussions about the latest stories he’s read. He can’t wait to share the number of disks he’s won by answering the questions cards and loves to draw references about the stories he’s read.

    Because the Book Club Game has so much depth it teaches kids that reading is fun. It introduces critical thinking at a young age, communication through art and easy ways of relating what they are reading to their real life experiences.
    This method of reading should be taught at all levels of grade school!

    Bea, Grandmother of 5

  2. The Book Club Game has been a wonderful tool to take my daughter’s love for reading to another level. After only 2 games she has consistently been relating the books we read together to her own life. Instead of just reading the stories as we did before, we are now discussing them and asking each other questions like the ones from the game. It has her thinking beyond the text which is great, but I think my favorite part is how it has created a fun dialogue for us after we read our favorite books. 
    Thanks Teri!
    Alison, Mom of Two

  3. It is a truly wonderful experience to have played the Book Club Game. When I read a book I enjoy it. I understand the text too. But when I’m moving pieces around the board and answering and asking questions, the book has meaning to me. I can relate to the character’s moods and feelings. Their problem’s are mine. My heart feels warm towards the good people and cold to the bad. I have fun while I develop a larger span of comprehension and vocabulary. This game isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about learning and getting to know yourself better. Because when you sit and listen to other player’s opinions of the story, you begin to wonder. Was I ever in that type of mood? Or, have I had an issue similar to theirs? You form a close bond with the person and character that only you can relate to. I will forever recommend The Book Club Game.
    Natalie, 10 year old Avid Reader

  4. It is very disappointing that reading programs used by schools today only address vocabulary and superficial questioning strategies.  The format of The Book Club Game prompts students to think more deeply and express their own connections to literature.  That skill lays the groundwork for responses they will be required to give in Middle School and High School; namely response to literature essay.  Because I am presently involved in teaching that writing specialty, I am acutely aware of the deficiencies that students have when faced with this writing task.  Keep up the much needed good work.
    Karen Harrison, Elementary School Teacher

  5. The day Ft. Concho students spent with Teri was active and enthusiastic! The students rotated through a central location, learning to use The Book Club Game along with their teachers. All grade levels participated, with 4th grade students mentoring the younger students. The game will be used throughout the campus in the coming year to increase comprehension as reading instruction evolves to include Reading Workshop. All grade levels will include Read Aloud time during the day and The Book Club Game will be used to reinforce students’ comprehension. Motivation to read has been enhanced through The Book Club Game!
    Elaine Howard
    Reading Resource Teacher

  6. And here is what my 7 yr old Emma had to say about The Book Club Game:
    (I had to construct a little interview so I can get her thoughts out)
    Me: Do you like this game?
    E: Love it, love it, love it. I want to play it with more people.
    Me: Tell me one thing you really like about it.
    E: When it makes you compare things to your own life and then it makes you feel like “wow, I guess I could really try this”
     More of Emma’s comments: 
    “I stay more awake when I do this”
    “It makes my head warm”
    “It’s a little like putting 3d glasses on, it makes you see more in the book” (I personally love this one)
    “It makes me want to write my own book”
    “I like thinking about the bad characters and thinking how they can become good characters”
    Emma, 7 year old reader
    … the game questions have really stuck with Emma, so now she will randomly ask them throughout a book or a movie we may be watching. Like last night – watching Enchanted – she says “Hmmm, what is one thing I learned and would like to try to do?!” – “I want to one day cut up a fancy curtain and make a dress out of it.” 
    The game has really worked for Emma.  Not only does it broaden her vision while we play and discuss a book but I also see it working at times we are not playing. I think her curious little brain may have been starved for some deeper analytical thinking like the one this game provides. I see how quickly she gets bored with the book reports at school, which only focus on the facts of the book.
    My favorite thing is that we involve the whole family in it and everyone can get something out of it. For example, when my husband and I both play and we run across a question like “How did this story help you understand others better?” Boy,  could that open a can of worms. But it does it in such a playful way, and we actually do end up addressing some small issues here and there. Another example: We include our 2.5 yr old as well. We played with the movie, Cars, and I asked him “Which two cars did not get along?” and after thinking for a while he said “Sheriff and McQueen”. And he was right! That was the most conflicting relationship in that movie. He was also able to answer: “Who does Sally remind you of ?” and he gave a shockingly precise answer as he compared Sally it to his own aunt!
    Vely, Mom of Emma

  7. When we played The Diary A Wimpy Kid for The Book Club Game I remembered that bullies had gotten away with beating up my friend. A question answered and the story really inspired me to have the courage to go to the principal the next day and let the him know who the bullies were at my school. The questions in The Book Club Game help you see how stories may have important messages for you. The game teaches you to focus on the story’s small details and its big messages and makes you better at doing that.
    Robert, 6th Grader

  8. The Book Club Game is used as a center in my classroom where students play after they finish reading a story. They really look forward to it. We create classroom “book clubs” where four children read the same book or short story (from their texts or choice) and play building focus, listening skills, comprehension, critical thinking and motivation to read. They discuss, compare and contrast story elements: plot, setting (s), characters and themes throughout the game. I love that weak readers can play with advanced readers. Sometimes the stronger readers read to the weaker ones. The weaker readers sometimes listen to the book on audio as they read it before playing. Part of the game is a “Book Talk” where students share and jot down favorite stories and books of their friends to form a list of future reads. No recommendation is stronger than that of their peers, so this game motivates reading in the best way! The Book Club Game supplements our SRA and Accelerated Reading Programs to ensure deeper-thinking questioning and comprehension building at higher levels of the stories. Our kids’ reading comprehension has been significantly increased using The Book Club Game!

    Char Stout –Grades 3-6 Reading Resource Specialist

  9. Our family has enjoyed The Book Club Game since we were first introduced to it in 1998. Our daughter was 2 years old and our son was 5 years old. We had always loved reading to our children and looked for ways to include interactive fun. Hand puppets and stuffed animals were very short lived. We constantly worked to enhance communication and instill a love for reading.

    Meeting Teri Azar and joining her Book Club gave our family a whole new way to read. What we didn’t expect was the many benefits that came along with The Book Club Game. Not only did it reinforce a lifelong passion for reading, our children seemed to have a deeper focus on “what” they were reading, not merely just the words themselves. Grasping the context and meaning behind the author’s words, and then personally relating through the question cards, gave us invaluable lessons and growth. My daughter walked into kindergarten reading chapter books!

    Both children have always excelled through school. Now our son is heading to college and has continued his love for reading. Our daughter is in her sophomore year and about to also take courses at a junior college. No doubt, a good start and parental involvement through The Book Club Game has been a huge part of their success. I recommend this game/program to every family, as well as to every teacher. We’ve had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand the significance of interactive reading. Thank you, Teri, for a job well done on helping children, and families, succeed!
    The Henderson Family (Steve, Dolly, Tyler & Brooke)

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